Still more scent meanings

Love Scents
China Rain – drawing a new love
Jasmine – luck in love
Rose – true love
Ylang Ylang – to strengthen or create balance in love
White Jasmine – to heighten sexual aspects in relationships
Musk – to excite sexual love and intense desire
Patchouli – to maintain happiness in love
Copal – after a quarrel
Gardenia/Lavender – to ease hurt caused by love

Money Scents
Red Ginger – success and improvement
Cinnamon – draw money and success to you
Bergamont – to attract money
Honeysuckle – to maintain your money
Basil – correct paths to money

Carnation – protection, strength
Dragons Blood – protection, potency
Frankincense – protection, astral strength
Coconut – protection, purification
Myrrh – protection, spirituality
Sandalwood – protection, healing
Bayberry – unwanted influences, control

Psychic Awareness
Lemongrass – to increase powers with tools
Frankincense – again used in High Magick
Eucalyptus – to increase powers
Lotus – for strengthing and protection of powers
Myrrh – again, a high vibratory scent
Queen of the Night – special blend for second sight and improving powers
Kachina Dreams – special blend for spirits and calling wisdom
Angelic Visions – special blend white light illumination, spirituality
Ocean Breeze – special blend for water powers, restoration

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