Scott Cunningham

Today is the anniversary of Scott Cunningham’s death. For those of you who don’t know him, he was a prolific Wiccan author. He wrote many books on the Craft of Wicca and was a guiding light for many who walk the pagan path. I hope that wherever he is these days, he is shining in the light, knowing that he helped many people, myself included, with his wise words.

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Spell: Good Luck Gambling

Take a pinch of each of these:

Nutmeg, sage, cinnamon, one clove, sea salt, basil.

Add one bay leaf.

Wrap securely in a small packet (I used saran wrap).

Put this packet into a small pouch. Add other money-drawing or lucky symbols.

I put in a plastic dollar sign, a herkimer diamond, some adventurine, and two sea shells.

Smudge with sandalwood incense and seal with a pentagram. Ask that you win if it harms no one and DON’T BE GREEDY.
Wear amulet within your aura when you go to the casino.


1. ME: I had the amulet in my bra. I won about $500. My biggest single win was $300 on a penny slot machine, with a $20 investment.

2. MY SISTER: Kept her amulet in her purse by her side. She also won on the penny slots, but only $130.

3.  THE CONTROLS: Our men did not have amulets. They did not win anything.

If you choose to make this amulet, please post your results here!

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