Scott Cunningham

Today is the anniversary of Scott Cunningham’s death. For those of you who don’t know him, he was a prolific Wiccan author. He wrote many books on the Craft of Wicca and was a guiding light for many who walk the pagan path. I hope that wherever he is these days, he is shining in the light, knowing that he helped many people, myself included, with his wise words.

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Notes on spells

 To me, a spell is not much more than a focused request. We use herbs, oils, candles, moon phases, stones…all symbols of whatever we need or desire.

A spell is a means of focuing intent. If you assemble several things who’s folk meanings all correspond to the desired effect, you feel a sense of power in the combination. If I want to increase money, for example, I might add  green stones to my spell, and burn a green candle. These are colors representative of money, and used together, their combined symbolism gives focus to the intent.

Is a spell different than a prayer? I think opinion differs here. Technically, a prayer is asking a favor of a Higher being. A spell is asking a favor as well, but it relies more on the practitioner’s focus than an outside force. Of course, many, many spells invoke various Gods and Goddesses…whereby making a spell and a prayer equal.

Go to church, there are prayers, incense, singing…how different is that from the kitchen witch invoking the powers that be at her kitchen table altar with her candle and herbs? Not much different, I think.

The kinds of spells that I like are amulets, charms, and the like. I really like the idea of bottle spells, and I will be posting some interesting ones soon. I am working on creating a money drawing charm for an upcoming casino trip, and I will post the final recipe and results as they unfold as well. My idea is that if the money is there to be won, may I be the one who wins it.

The cardinal rule of spell casting, however, is to mind the law of three. Be sure your intent is true and never try to coerce or force anyone into something. I don’t agree with most love spells, and I really don’t agree with the ones that are intended to make someone fall in love with you. The thing with spells is that they tend to work. And if you bend another’s will to your own you are not acting in anyone’s best interest. And that will come back to bite you.

So practice your spells, understanding that they are meant for focused intent and affirmation. Don’t try to cast spells to change others’ perceptions, or to coerce others into doing your will; that’s just not cool, and not right. We all have free will, its a gift from the Gods. Don’t mess with it or you will face dire consequences when it comes back to you multiplied.


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Simple money spell


Take a walnut complete with shell. Crack the shell in half and eat the nut. Place one penny from the year you were born, in the shell, making a “money seed”. Plant the “money seed” outside, near where you sleep (under your window is ideal). As you plant it, recite:

Fortuna, Lamia hear my plea

Hear now my will and my decree,

Lord of Sun and Wooded Deep

Wake this seedling from its sleep.

As a seedling grows into a tree

So shall this small coin ever be.

Starting small, yet ever growing

Providing blessings overflowing.

Never more than what is needed

Lest strife and greed be also seeded.

With harm to none may blessings come,

So may it be as I will it done.”


Visualize a mighty tree erupting from the earth, showering you with coins and paper money.

This spell will not make you rich, but you should find that when ever money is “needed” it becomes available, either as a gift, a loan or a windfall. “

sent via email. If you are the writer, please let me know





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Magical Charms

 Who says that magick has to be complex? Here are fifty
simple charms
utilize many different common items, herbs, fruits and

Please do not use any of these charms in place of
medical treatment, or
when outside help is obviously advisable.

1. Lay thorny branches on your doorstep to keep evil
from your

2. Eat a pinch of thyme before bed, and you will have
sweet dreams.

3. Place chips of cedar wood in a box with some coins
to draw money to

4. Carry an anemone flower with you to ward against

5. Hang a bit of seaweed in the kitchen to ward evil

6. Keep a jar of alfalfa in your cupboards to ensure
the prosperity of

7. Burn allspice as an incense to draw money or luck
to you, as well as
speed healing.

8. Cut an apple in half, and give one half to your
love to ensure a
prosperous relationship.

9. Carry an avocado pit with you to let your inner
beauty shine

10. Avocado is an aphrodisiac.

11. Strawberries are an aphrodisiac.

12. Place a piece of cotton in your sugar bowl to draw
good luck to

13. Celery is an aphrodisiac.

14. Place almonds in your pocket when you need to find

15. Scatter chili peppers around your house to break a

16. Carrying a packet of strawberry leaves will help
ease the pains of

17. Scatter some sugar to purify a room.

18. Throw rice into the air to make rain.

19. Carry a potato in your pocket or purse all winter
to ward against

20. Eat five almonds before consuming alcohol, to
lighten the effects

21. Place a pine branch above your bed to keep illness

22. Chew celery seeds to help you concentrate.

23. Carry a chunk of dry pineapple in a bag to draw
luck to you.

24. Ask an orange a yes or no question before you eat
it, then count
seeds: if the seeds are an even number, the answer is
no. If an odd

25. Eat olives to ensure fertility.

26. Toss oats out your back door to ensure that your
garden or crop
will be

27. Eat mustard seed to ensure fertility.

28. Place lilacs around your house to rid yourself of
unwanted spirits.

29. Eat lettuce to drive lustful thoughts from your

30. Rub a lettuce leaf over your forehead to help you

31. Add lemon juice to your bathwater for

32. Eat grapes to increase psychic powers.

33. Carry a blade of grass to increase your psychic

34. Smell dill to get rid of hiccups.

35. If you place a dill sachet over your door, those
who wish you ill
not enter your home.

36. Place cotton on an aching tooth, and the pain will

37. Buy cotton to cause rain.

38. Place pepper inside a piece of cotton and sew it
shut to make a
to bring back a lost love.

39. Carry a small onion to protect against venomous

40. Eat grapes to increase fertility.

41. Place a sliced onion in the room of an ill person
to draw out the

42. Place an onion underneath your pillow to have
prophetic dreams.

43. Place morning glory seeds under your bed to cure

44. Walk through the branches of a maple tree to
ensure that you will
a long life.

45. Mix salt and pepper together and scatter it around
your house to

46. Smell peppermint to help you sleep.

47. Hang a pea pod containing nine peas above the door
to draw your
mate to you.

48. Eat a peach to assist in making a tough decision.

49. Carry peach wood to lengthen your lifespan.

50. Carry a walnut to strengthen your heart muscle

From Pagan Magic 

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Spell: Witches’ Ladder




The Witches’ Ladder  

The Witches’ Ladder is an ancient technique for working a spell, and quite simple to do.What you will need: a length of cord. Silk cord is nice, but anything will do -such as a
piece of string, ashoelace, a scarf or tie, etc…

Before you make your Witches’ Ladder you must first be clear on what it is you wish to accomplish. The Witches’ Ladder can be used for any purpose, but it is best used to bring about something which is accomplished through an on-going process -such as increasing prosperity, learning a particular skill, losing weight, etc- rather than something which is accomplished in a single event.

As always remember the Wiccan Rede “Do As You Will, But Harm None,” and start out with reasonable goals -skill is built through practice.

Begin by placing yourself in a comfortable position, then clear and release.
Now imagine a ball of golden light in your Heart Chakra.

Say to yourself “Behold, I am One with the powers of the Universe,” and imagine that ball of light growing larger and brighter, radiating out in all directions like a sun inside you. Let the ball of light grow to fill your chest, growing stronger and stronger as it does

Now take your cord (and any other items you may be using, if you are doing either of the variations given for this spell) and place it before you.

Make three Tuathail, or counter-clockwise, circles above the cord with your hand. Say something to the effect of “Behold, I cleanse and purify you, sending out for you any impurities which may lie within.”

Imagine the cord surrounded by a golden light.
Imagine it shining brightly, then let the image fade.

Now make three Deosil, or clockwise, circles above
the cord and say
something like: “Behold, I bless and consecrate you to
this purpose!”
Imagine the cord surrounded by a blue-white light,
shining brightly. Again
hold the image for a moment, then let it fade.
Now take the cord in your two hands, or hold your
hands to either
side of it (palms facing it).
Imagine a ball of white light between your hands,
surrounding the cord.
Concentrate on the goal you wish to bring about
through this spell -focus as
hard as you can on the goal for several minutes.
Imagine the goal inside the
ball of light, or some image that represents the goal.
See the goal as you
want it to be when it is already accomplished and
complete -if your goal is
to gain a skill for example, imagine yourself already
proficient in it. As
you imagine this, know that this goal is already
accomplished and only needs
to be drawn into physical manifestation.
Now let the image of the goal and the ball of light
fade, and take up
your cord. Continue to focus on your goal, seeing it
already accomplished.
Still concentrating on the goal, take the cord and
tie a knot near
one end of it. Say:
“By Knot of One, the spells begun.”
Imagine yourself one step closer to having your goal.
Now tie a second knot a short distance from the
first, and say:
“By knot of Two, no power undo.”
Focus even more strongly on the goal, knowing that
each knot draws it
Tie a third knot, and say:
“By knot of Three, so mote it be.”
With each knot know that your goal comes closer to
you, imagine it
more strongly and know that it is truly yours.
Tie the fourth knot, saying:
“By knot of Four, open the door.”
Then the fifth:
“By knot of Five, it comes alive.”
The sixth:
“By knot of Six, the spell is fixed.”
The seventh:
“By knot of Seven, the boon is given.”
The eighth:
“By knot of Eight, decreed by Fate.”
And lastly tie the ninth knot:
“By knot of Nine, now it is mine!”
Now once again imagine white light all around the
knotted cord, and
place your hands above or beside the cord with palms
facing it. Again
imagine the image of your goal very strongly. Then
release all of your
focused energy and concentration directly into the
cord -do this just as you
do when you clear and release before or after any
working: imagine the
energy flowing out of you in the form of light or
When all of the energy has flowed from you into the
knotted cord,
take it and seal it in a safe place. It is best to
bury it in the Earth, and
especially good if you can bury it at the foot of a
tree. This symbolizes
the physical manifestation of the goal.
In some cases you may wish to keep the Witches’
Ladder in your house,
rather than burying it out of doors. You can do this
by placing it in an
Earth pot -a pot filled with soil and kept on the
altar or a special place.
Or you could make a special box or bottle for it. In
any of these instances
you will fill the receptical with soil, then bury the
completed Witches’
ladder in it.

The simple technique used to make the Witches’ Ladder
has many
variations. These can add to the efficacy of the
spell by deepening your
connection to it. This deepening is accomplished by
appealing to the Higher
Self through symbolic means or “Keys.” We discussed
Keys in LESSON I -Keys
are aesthetic or symbolic elements which help you to
make the Shift in
Consciousness and access your Higher Self, thus
facilitating magical work.
Anything which appeals to you creativity or your
sub-conscious, and puts you
in a more “magical” mood can be a Key.

Make your Witches’ Ladder using not one but several
cords of
differing color. For example to do a prosprity spell
you might combine a
green cord, for fertility and abundance, with a yellow
cord, for success. Or
for psychic development you might select a dark blue
cord, for psychic
ability, a pale blue cord, for communication and
learning, and a violet cord,
for spiritual guidence.

Instead of simply tying a knot, tie something into
the knot. You
might use beads, or twigs, or feathers -to give just a
few examples. Then
tie one into each knot as you work the spell. The use
of feathers is a
particularly ancient version o fthis spell, and
examples have been found
dating back hundreds
of years.





**from Pagan Magic

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Magical uses of plants/scents

**note, some of these are toxic. Do not eat them!**

ACACIA -Blessing, raising of vibration, protection via spiritual elevation.

AGRIMONY (Cocklebur) -Helps to overcome fear, dispel negative emotions, overcome inner blockages.

ALLSPICE -Adds strength to Will, gives determination and perseverance. Gives added vitality, energy. Also good for social gatherings -increases harmony, sympathy and co-operation between
people. Stimulates friendly interaction and conversation.

ALMOND -Attracts money. Promotes alertness, wakefulness.

ALOE -Promotes patience, persistence, resolve. Also inner healing and overcoming blockages.

AMBER -Mental clarity and focus. Protection from harm, outside influences, psychic attack.

AMBERGRIS -Strengthens the effect of anything it’s added to or used with. By itself gives strength and vitality. (Substitute -Cypress and Patchouli mix).

ANISE -Psychic opening, clairvoyance, opens Third Eye. Favored in
Afro-diasporic Traditions for use before and during ritual, to aid in perception of and connection to the Divine.

APHRODISIA -Passion, sexuality, romance. Sold by Orpheis High-Correll in red velvet bags to draw love.

APPLE or APPLE BLOSSOM -Promotes peace of mind, contentment, happiness,success in all undertakings.

APRICOT -Encourages sexuality and sensual passion. An aphrodisiac.

ASOFOETIDA -Protection, banishing negativity.

AZALEA -Encourages light spirits, happiness, gaiety.

BANANA -Helps to overcome serious blockages or obstacles.

BASIL -Promotes sympathy, peace, understanding. Helps to avoid arguments, clashes.

BAYBERRY -Good fortune, blessing, money and prosperity.

BAY LEAF (Laurel) -Protection, purification, repels negativity. Promotes good fortune, success, victory.

BENZOIN -Use for cleansing and purification. Helps to remove blockages. Promotes strength, confidence, will power. Strengthens the effect of anything it’s added to or used with.

BERGAMOT -Protection, prosperity. Combine with Mint to work faster.

BIRCH -Spiritual and psychic opening, connecting with spirit helpers.
Promotes balance, harmony, connection to others.

CAMPHOR -Increases ones’ persuasiveness, personal influence. Adds strength to any mixture it’s part of. Also used for purification.

CARAWAY -Luck, good fortune, prosperity. Also promotes passion and enjoyment of sensuality.

CARDAMOM -Promotes love, sensuality, and sexuality. Also calmness and tranquillity.

CARNATION -Attract love or friendship, improve or deepen relationships. Promotes feeling of security and confidence. Aids in recovery from illness or difficulties.

CAYENNE -Cleansing and purification. Repels negativity. Speeds up the effect of any mixture that it’s added to.

CEDAR -Confidence, strength, power. Protection, perseverance, lastingness. Spiritual opening.

CELERY -Promotes sexuality, sensuality, ecstatic trance.

CHAMOMILE -Promotes meditation, tranquillity, inner peace.

CHERRY or CHERRY BLOSSOM -Happiness, good cheer, gaiety.

CHIVES -Protection.

CHYPRE -Draws money, success in gambling, promotes persuasiveness and eloquence. Made from the Rockrose plant.

CINNAMON -Luck, strength, prosperity. Increases effectiveness of any mixture it’s added to. Promotes calmness and tranquillity, especially for children. Also used as a strong protection.

CINNAMON AND SANDALWOOD -Aids meditation, spiritual opening.

CITRONELLA -Promotes eloquence, persuasiveness, prosperity. Draws friends to the home, customers to the business.

CIVIT -Strength and protection. Promotes confidence and sexual

CLOVER -Strengthens and deepens existing love.

CLOVES -Courage, self-confidence, very strong protection. Dispels
negativity, strengthens psychic shielding. Can act as an aphrodisiac.

COCONUT -Strengthens confidence and inner resolve, heightens allure and sexual attraction.

COFFEE -Grounding and protection from negativity. Peace of mind. Helps to dispel negative thought forms, nightmares, overcome internal blockages.

COPAL -Promotes spiritual opening. Also protection, purification, overcoming obstacles. Repels negativity.

CORIANDER -Love and healing. Also used for protection.

CRAB APPLE -Promotes calm and tranquility, helps settle unrest, conflict, anxiety.

CUMIN -Promotes peace and tranquility.

CYCLAMEN -Draws and strengthens love.

CYPRESS -Calm, tranquility, spiritual opening. Associated with death and mourning, Cypress stimulates healing and helps overcome the pain of loss.

DILL -Mental strength and quickness. Aids focus and concentration. Also used for blessing.

DOVE’S BLOOD -Promotes peace and tranquillity. Helps to settle disputes, conflict.

DRAGON’S BLOOD -Dispels negativity, gives protection, helps to overcome blockages.

EUCALYPTUS -Spiritual cleansing, purification, and healing. Helps to
overcome spiritual blockages.

FENNEL -Strength.

FENNUGREEK -Mental clarity, focus, dispels negativity.

FERN -Cleansing and purification, dispels negativity.

FIVE FINGER GRASS (Cinquefoil) -Protection. Also stimulates memory, eloquence, self-confidence.

FRANGIPANI -Attracts love, trust, and admiration. Promotes openness in those around one.

FRANKINCENSE -Blessing and spiritual opening. Aids meditation.

GALANGAL -Success in court or legal disputes.

GARDENIA -Promotes peace, repels strife, protects from outside influences.

GARLIC and GARLIC SKINS -Cleansing, purification. Used to dispel depression, negativity, obsessive thoughts. Draws money, prosperity. Also used as a strong protection.

GERANIUM -Overcomes negative thoughts and attitudes, lifts spirits. Promotes protection, happiness.

GINGER -Draws adventure and new experiences. Promotes sensuality, sexuality, personal confidence and prosperity. Adds to the strength of any mixture of which it is part, and makes it work more quickly.

GINSENG -Asian variety of Mandrake. Promotes vitality, strength, personal power. Heightens sex drive and sexual attractiveness.

GRAPEFRUIT -Cleansing and purification.

HELIOTROPE -Protection, prosperity, cheerfulness and gaiety.

HONEYSUCKLE -Draws success, money. Aids persuasiveness and confidence, sharpens intuition.

HYACINTH -Attracts love, luck, and good fortune. promotes peace of mind and peaceful sleep. Named for Hiakinthos, Greek God of homosexual love.

HYSSOP -Promotes spiritual opening. Also used for cleansing and
purification. Lightens vibrations.

JASMINE -Love, success, spiritual aid and opening. Connected to the Moon and Lunar magic.

JUNIPER -Protection, purification, healing.

LAVANDER -Peace and tranquility.

LEMON -Cleansing, purification, removal of blockages, spiritual opening.

LEMON GRASS -Psychic cleansing and opening.

LILAC -Promotes wisdom, memory, good luck and Spiritual aid.

LILY OF THE VALLEY -Soothing, calming, draws peace and tranquillity, repels negativity.

LIME -Used for purification and protection. Promotes calmness, tranquility. Also strengthens love.

LINDEN -Draws friendship and love. Also promotes healing and rejuvenation.

LOTUS -Psychic opening and spiritual growth.

MACE -Promotes self-discipline, focus, concentration. Good for meditation, study.

MAGNOLIA -Promotes psychic development. Aids meditation and spiritual opening. Promotes harmony, peace, tranquillity.

MANDRAKE -Increases vitality, strength, personal power. Heightens sex drive and sexual attractiveness.

MARIGOLD -Promotes healing, psychic opening, and clairvoyance. Helps one to focus on what is truly needed, even if one is not conscious of what that is.

MARJORAM -Cleansing, purification, dispels negativity.

MATE -Grounding, cleansing, and purification. Dispels negativity and helps overcome sadness or loss.

MIMOSA -Aids psychic development, clairvoyance. Draws prophetic dreams.

MINT -Promotes energy, vitality, communication. Draws customers to a business.

MISTLETOE -Promotes prosperity, draws customers, money, business.

MUGWORT -Promotes psychic opening, clairvoyance, prophetic dreams.

MUSK -Increases confidence, self-assurance, persuasiveness. Draws new situations and prosperity.

MUSTARD SEED -Courage, faith, endurance.

MYRRH -Spiritual opening, meditation, healing.

MYRTLE -Psychic opening, spiritual aid. Enhances any mix its added to.

NARCISSUS -Promotes harmony, tranquility, peace of mind. Calms vibrations.

NEROLI -Joy, happiness, overcoming emotional blockages.

NUTMEG -Aids clarity, perception, ability to see below surfaces. Promotes social interaction, emotional openness, personal confidence.

OAKMOSS -Draws money, prosperity, good fortune.

ONION and ONION SKINS -Protection, stability and endurance. Also prosperity.

ORANGE or ORANGE BLOSSOM -Harmony, peace, emotional openness, love. Attracts prosperity and stability. Also used for purification. Considered very Solar.

ORCHID -Concentration, focus, will power. Also strengthens memory.

OREGANO -Joy, strength, vitality and added energy.

ORRIS (Iris) -Promotes popularity, persuasiveness, personal success. Aids communications and helps to open dialogs. Also used to draw love and romance.

PARSLEY -Calms and protects the home. Draws good luck, prosperity and financial increase. Also gives added energy, vitality.

PATCHOULI -Helps overcome the anger of others, calms strife, draws peace and helps settle arguments. Promotes prosperity, confidence, personal strength. Enhances sexuality and sensuality.

PENNYROYAL -Draws the help of others, promotes co-operation, financial assistance from outside sources. Avoid when pregnant.

PEONY -Particularly sacred in the Correllian Tradition, Peony flowers and petals promote good luck, good fortune, prosperity and business success. The Peony seed however, sometimes called a “Jumby Bean”, promotes dissension and strife.

PEPPERMINT -Promotes strength, vitality, movement and change. When added to a mixture, it speeds up the effect of the other ingredients. Also used for purification.

PETTITGRAIN -Protection.

PIKAKI -Draws comfort, prosperity, success and well being.

PINE -Cleansing, purifying, promotes clean breaks and new beginnings. Repels negativity. Also promotes prosperity, growth, and increase.

PLUMERIA -Promotes persuasiveness, eloquence, success in dealing with people. Attracts the notice of others.

POPPY -Fertility, abundance, prosperity.

PRIMROSE -Promotes the disclosure of secrets, resolution of mysteries, revelation of truth. Breaks down dishonesty and secrecy.

ROSE -Love, peace, harmony, and tranquillity. Associated from ancient times with the Goddess, especially in Her form as Isis.

ROSE-GERANIUM -Blessing and protection. Averts negativity, especially in the form of gossip or false accusation.

ROSEMARY -Used for cleansing, purification, and as a strong protection. Also promotes healing and strengthens memory. Said to draw the aid of Spirits, fairies, and elves.

RUE -Protection. Repels negativity, calms emotions. Grounding. Good for smudging, psychic cleansing. Also draws prosperity by removing blockages.

SAFFRON -Promotes clairvoyance and psychic awareness. Also attracts prosperity and good fortune through spiritual openness.

SAGE -Used for cleansing and purification, and to promote wisdom and psychic opening. Also promotes mental clarity.

SANDALWOOD -Blessing, healing, spirituality. Promotes clairvoyance, psychic
opening. Also used for protection, banishing negativity.

SASSAFRAS -Good for legal situations, self-empowerment, success and overcoming obstacles.

St. JOHN’S WORT -Protection. Removes negativity, dispels depression and anxiety.

SAVORY -Sensuality, sexuality, passion. Good for sexual magic.

SESAME -Opens doors, draws new opportunities, new directions, hope. Dispels depression and negativity.

SPANISH MOSS -Protection, dispels negativity, opens blockages.

SPEARMINT -Psychic or physical protection. Repels negativity. Strengthens mental speed and clarity. Increases speed and effectiveness of any mixture its added to.

SPIKENARD -Blessing, psychic opening and spiritual elevation.

STRAWBERRY -Attracts success, good fortune, and favorable circumstances.

SWEAT PEA -Draws the loyalty and affection of others, attracts friends and allies.

TANGERINE -Promotes strength, vitality, energy.

THYME -Purification, healing, strength. Attracts loyalty, affection, and the good opinion of others.

TOBACCO -Used to promote peace, confidence, personal strength. Also promotes love and sensuality. Also used for protection and freedom from outside influences.

TONKA BEAN -Draws love, money, promotes the accomplishment of goals.

TUBEROSE -Serenity, peace, tranquility. Calms the nerves and promotes romance and sensual love.

VANILLA -Joy and good fortune.

VERBENA (Verveine) -Protection, repels negativity. Promotes peace and tranquillity.

VETIVERT -Protection, overcoming obstacles, repels negativity. Also draws money, prosperity.

VIOLET -Promotes peace, tranquility, happiness. Calms the nerves, draws prophetic dreams and visions. Stimulates creativity.

WILLOW -Used for drawing or strengthening love, healing, overcoming sadness–Lunar magic.

WINTERGREEN -Repels disharmony, negativity, and disease. Promotes good health, tranquility, and peace in the home. DO NOT USE INTERNALLY.

WISTERIA -Raises vibration. Promotes psychic opening, overcoming obstacles, draws prosperity.

WOOD ALOE (Lignaloes or Lignam Aloes) -Protection, success and prosperity. Often used in consecration.

WORMWOOD -Overcomes negativity, breaks through obstacles. Especially useful for dealing with spirits or the Ancestors.

YARROW -Promotes courage, confidence, and psychic opening. Draws love.

YLANG YLANG -Increases sexual attraction, persuasiveness.

found here:

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My first experience with Moon Magic

I got a recipe for Moon Water from Pagan Magic here:

Basically, you place springwater in a glass container and leave it open to the full moon for three days. Then, you dab some water on your forehead and nape of your neck for nine consecutive days. This should increase your psychic abilities.

So this is how I did it: I added some of my homegrown lavender to the water, and kept it outside for 3 days and nights in an indigo blue glass bowl (indigo is one of the colors that really resonates with me, and laveder is sacred to more than one diety with whom I have an accordance.) During the day I put the top on the bowl because first I didn’t want bugs in it and I wanted to leave it outside to steep in the sun as well. I thought (rightfully) that the heat and light would help infuse the water with the scent of the lavender. And I also feel that a bit of the God might help the water as well.

After the time was up, the water did smell GREAT. I put it in a clean glass jar, corked it, and began the process of annointing daily.

The second day of annointing I did a few amazing card readings that turned out to be eerily accurate. The cards were new and I hadn’t quite charged them fully yet so I was surprised that they worked so well. I am thinking this could be a result of either a personal resonance with the cards (I found them in a strange place, in amongst the adult toy section of Spencer’s gifts lol…maybe they were there to catch my eye?) ( And no, you may NOT ask why I was in that particular section of the store! haha). Or perhaps the water really was working. It could have been a combo of both.

I also managed to do an accurate remote viewing. Remote viewing is something I am moderately good at, but haven’t done in ages. Like any talent, it gets rusty. So there was another surprise/verification.

Unfortunately, I did learn a bit about moon water. First, don’t keep it sealed in a cork-topped jar because the cork gets mildewy/moldy. Second, keep it refrigerated if there are flowers in it. On the 5th day the flowers appeared to have rotted and it smelled like the lake. I had to throw it out.

Of course, then the problem is, where does one put consecrated water? I asked Goddess blessings and poured it on my garden. The next day, I had new blooms on some of the flowers.

I also dreamed during this time of making it with citronella in it instead. I have citronella that grows like a maniac in my garden, so that is my next project.

The waning moon is on us now, and its close to going dark. This is the time to make banishing and removing spells. I don’t think I am going to make moon water during this phase because I don’t know how to use it. But when it begins its wax towards full, I will put the citronella water out for the Lady’s blessing and will report back how it works.

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