Of Moon water and Writing with your left hand

A recent dream involved me having to write a story and having trouble coming up with an idea. I was stuck, frustrated, and bothered by the fact that for once…I didn’t have a thing to say! In the dream, I started writing with my left hand (I am right handed) and all the sudden the story flowed. Next part of the dream I was making moon water. This time instead of lavender, I put something lemony in it (possibly citronella but I am not 100% sure). It was supposed to help me bring more love into my life.
It was an interestng dream to say the least.
And of course, it got me to thinking. The dream was telling me to try the citronella (which grows like a maniac in my little garden!). So I will and I will see what happens. I know that using the lavender water I did some creepily accurate readings and remote viewings so I am excited to do more with the water!
Next, the dream spoke of thinking out of the box. In the dream, I couldn’t write in the normal way, so I had to write in an unconventional way (with my non-dominant hand) Given that there was a lot of psychic theme, I think that its a personal message to me that the channels are opening a little more, and will continue to do so if I think out of the box. IIn a global sense, the message was to use your other hand..think about things a different way…look with a different perspective.
Next time you are stuck on an issue, idea, creation, whatever…think with your other hand. Look at the situation as a different person, in a different light, at a different angle…maybe put yourself in another person’s place as you try to find your way around the situation. Different perspectives usually offer different solutions. Also, don’t be afraid to try something new.
I learned I can write with my left hand. Who knows what you might be able to do!

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My first experience with Moon Magic

I got a recipe for Moon Water from Pagan Magic here:   http://www.myspace.com/pagan_magic

Basically, you place springwater in a glass container and leave it open to the full moon for three days. Then, you dab some water on your forehead and nape of your neck for nine consecutive days. This should increase your psychic abilities.

So this is how I did it: I added some of my homegrown lavender to the water, and kept it outside for 3 days and nights in an indigo blue glass bowl (indigo is one of the colors that really resonates with me, and laveder is sacred to more than one diety with whom I have an accordance.) During the day I put the top on the bowl because first I didn’t want bugs in it and I wanted to leave it outside to steep in the sun as well. I thought (rightfully) that the heat and light would help infuse the water with the scent of the lavender. And I also feel that a bit of the God might help the water as well.

After the time was up, the water did smell GREAT. I put it in a clean glass jar, corked it, and began the process of annointing daily.

The second day of annointing I did a few amazing card readings that turned out to be eerily accurate. The cards were new and I hadn’t quite charged them fully yet so I was surprised that they worked so well. I am thinking this could be a result of either a personal resonance with the cards (I found them in a strange place, in amongst the adult toy section of Spencer’s gifts lol…maybe they were there to catch my eye?) ( And no, you may NOT ask why I was in that particular section of the store! haha). Or perhaps the water really was working. It could have been a combo of both.

I also managed to do an accurate remote viewing. Remote viewing is something I am moderately good at, but haven’t done in ages. Like any talent, it gets rusty. So there was another surprise/verification.

Unfortunately, I did learn a bit about moon water. First, don’t keep it sealed in a cork-topped jar because the cork gets mildewy/moldy. Second, keep it refrigerated if there are flowers in it. On the 5th day the flowers appeared to have rotted and it smelled like the lake. I had to throw it out.

Of course, then the problem is, where does one put consecrated water? I asked Goddess blessings and poured it on my garden. The next day, I had new blooms on some of the flowers.

I also dreamed during this time of making it with citronella in it instead. I have citronella that grows like a maniac in my garden, so that is my next project.

The waning moon is on us now, and its close to going dark. This is the time to make banishing and removing spells. I don’t think I am going to make moon water during this phase because I don’t know how to use it. But when it begins its wax towards full, I will put the citronella water out for the Lady’s blessing and will report back how it works.

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