Thoughts on the modern vampire

Thoughts on the modern vampire

Yesterday at work we were discussing vampires. Specifically, the ‘hot sexy’ ones in modern literature. My daughter has fallen under the spell of the “Twilight” series of books, and before her, I was awash in the lushness of Anne Rice’s “Interview with the Vampire” series
What is it about the modern vampire that makes we women and girls swoon?
Is it the mystery…he comes unbidden and focuses solely on us. He uses seduction as a technique to get us under his spell. And his spell promises love and secrets.
I can hear you all sighing right now!
If you look back, the original idea of a vampire looked way less than Tom Cruise even on his worst day.
Nosferatau surely didn’t have the ladies swooning when he invaded their bedrooms late at night. Yet even he had the power, charm…charisma?…to encapture them into willing submission.
Is it the idea of giving up control? Women are responsible for so much during the course of a it fun to imagine relinquishing the duties of modern womanhood? It is tempting for sure to be in a place where we need do nothing but be. Perhaps that is the draw of the modern vampire.
My daughter is obsessed with the Twilight series, as I already mentioned. She has the books, the book covers are hung up with great reverance on her walls. She listens to podcasts and swoons over the images of the young male lead in the upcoming movie.
What happened to the evil vampire? The one that I was scared of as a kid….the one who snuck out of his dry moldy coffin and lurched into the bedrooms of unsuspecting females? You remember, he had red glowing eyes, pasty white skin, and threatened to take you right into his cold grave with him?
These days it’s emo-looking kids or even a well-manicured Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt…
I think that for the younger girls like my teenager, its a chance to explore their sexuality. Girls everywhere are going to bed at night, wondering “What if Edward from the Twilight series ends up at my window, promising adventure, romance, and dark secrets?”
Is it much different than Peter Pan, when you get down to it?
The consummate boy who never grew up, who always wants Wendy (aka YOU) to tell him stories, mother him, and love him….compared to the consummate man who stays the same age, loves you in a tortured way because to love you is to leave you….the only way you can be together is if he kills you to make you like him….
With Peter you have to risk leaving everything and going to Neverland…With Edward and the other modern vampires you leave your life and family behind..
Both have magical powers.
Both never change… while you know in your heart that someday you will grow up…and out grow them….
Oh the melodrama of the pre-doomed relationship and the fun in trying to be the one to change it…break the mold….
Yeah, I can see why the young girls are all gaga over this year’s crop of new vampires, and I can kind of see why I and people of my age went nuts over the Anne Rice versions.
After all, we all want a little Peter Pan (or Edward Cullen, or Lestat, or Louis) in our lives once in a while…

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End of Youth

I heard somewhere recently
Peter Pan left Neverland
and took a job on Wall Street
as a stock broker.
And that Wendy, his
ever-faithful gal Friday,
found herself a job in LA
doing set makeup on B-list
remained with the Lost Boys.
Although now,
the only pixie dust they have
is sold on the corner of First and Main,
and comes like white powder
in a rolled up baggie.

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