Vanishing spell

~ Vanishing Spell ~

Using a pencil, write on small strips of paper several things you want to be rid of in your life. These can be bad habits, specific troubles, debt, etc.

When you’ve finished writing, place the papers in a dish of water and chant:

“Water, water take away These things that I must keep at bay.”

Allow the paper to soak until the words have vanished. Then, pour the water on the ground or into a potted plant and bury the strips of paper.  —from Spell-a-Day, 2008 Almanacs

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Spell: Dream Magic Communication

Dream Magick
By Silver RavenWolf

Do you ever want to get an important message through to someone, but you just don’t know how to do it?

Here is what you do:

1. Determine precisely what it is you want them to hear, or perhaps feel. Write down your wish on a piece of paper in simple sentence form.

2. Make a dream pillow using a small square of fabric and a little batting. Throw in a pinch of lavender and rosemary. Put in the piece of paper last, then sew up the end.

3. Put the dream pillow on your altar. Do an altar devotion to center yourself, then create sacred space. Cast a circle and call the quarters if you like, but is isn’t necessary.

4. Center yourself, then hold your hands over the dream pillow and say the following:
Holy Mother, Goddess Divine,
I stand before your sacred shrine.
This person won’t listen or hear
My words tickle at deafened ear.
Holy Mother, Goddess Divine,
Send a dream, awaken the mind.
Through his/her vision he/she might live
The nightmare/passion/lesson he/she so freely give.
Holy Mother, Goddess Divine
Send them your enchanted design
Clear out the cobwebs, tear down walls
Carry my message through spirit calls.

Feel free to change the incantation to suit your purpose.

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Spell to find friendship

During the waxing phase of the moon, light 3 brown candles. On a sheet of paper, write down the attributes you want this new friend to have. Speak each one out loud. When you are done, fold the paper in half twice. Light the edge of the folded paper with one of the candles and repeat this incantation:

With heart and mind I do now speak

Bring to me the one I seek.

Let this paper be the guide

And bring this friend to my side.

Pain and loneliness be no more

Draw a compatriot to my door.

With pleasures many and sorrows few

Let us build a friendship new.

Let not this simple spell coerce

Or make my situation worse.

As I will it, it shall be.

Let the paper burn out then snuff the candles. Within the next few weeks, you should meet someone with some or all of the qualities you seek.

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Spell: Witch Bottle, protection

The Witch’s Bottle
Protection Against Enemies

It is possible for the nicest person the have enemies. Some people may be jealous of you; misunderstand you; just dislike the way you do your hair! Many people have said, “I don’t need protection. I don’t have any enemies.” But there are the above-type “enemies” that you wouldn’t even know about. They may well be as sweet as pie to you, to your face, but be bitterly jealous, or whatever it may be, behind your back. How do you protect yourself against their negativity? How to you protect yourself against a warped individual who decides to work magick against you? You don’t want to hurt them, but you certainly want to protect yourself.

The best way to deal with this is a “Witch’s Bottle”. This is an ancient defense, known throughout folklore. It is made on an individual basis. The idea is to protect yourself and at the same time, send back whatever is being sent at you. You should never be the originator of harm, nor seek revenge, but you can protect yourself.

To make a Witch’s Bottle, take a regular jar such as a 6 oz instant-coffee jar. Half fill it with sharp objects such as broken glass, old razor blades, rusty nails and screws, pins, needles, etc. When the jar is half-filled with these objects, urinate in it to fill it. If a woman is preparing her bottle, she might also want to get some menstrual blood into it. Now put the top on the jar and seal it with tape. It should then be buried in the ground, at least twelve inches deep, in an isolated spot where it can remain undisturbed. If you live in a city, then it will be worth a trip out of town to find some remote spot to bury it.

So long as the bottle remains buried and unbroken, it will protect you from any evil directed against you. This applies whether the evil is directed by an individual or a group of people. Not only will it protect you, but it will reflect back that evil on the sender(s). So the more he/she tries to harm you, the more he/she will be harmed her/himself.

Such a bottle should last almost indefinitely, but to be on the safe side, I’d recommend redoing the ritual one a year. With the present rate of housing development you never know when your bottle may be dug up or inadvertently smashed.

from Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland

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Friday’s spell

~ Freya’s Love Spell ~

Tonight you can combine the energies of the waxing Moon phase and the loving energies of a Friday (which is Freya’s day and connected to Venus) in your spell work. This is the perfect opportunity to work a spell that draws romance and attraction into your life. It also boosts your own confidence as well. To begin, light a pink candle and repeat the charm:

Rosy pink candle
Burning warm and bright,
Lend your magic to mine
On Freya’s night.
May I walk in beauty
Each and every day,
Bring romance into my life
In the best possible way.
by….. Ellen Dugan

…from Spell-a-Day, 2008 Almanacs

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Spell: Friendship

Spell for New Friendship
Inscribe a pink candle with your name, then anoint the rose quartz with sunflower oil. Light the candle. Hold the stone in your hand, and visualize friendships coming your way and a new relationships forming.

Chant three times:

“Open mind, and gain new life,
gone from you, all stress and strife.
open heart, gain life anew.
accept all love that’s offered you.
positive thought and word and deed.
enter now, of bane I’m freed
ancient, hear me—grant my plea
to new relationships, open me.

Place the stone by the candle, and leave it there until the candle burns down.

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Spell: Kitchen Witch Bottle (Scott Cunningham)

A Kitchen Witch Bottle
Scott Cunningham – adaption

Place three needles, three pins, and three nails into a small glass bottle.

Add a clove of peeled garlic (or if the bottle is very small,a spoonful of crushed or powdered garlic) and a pinch of dried thyme;

Then fill the bottle with sea salt, shake vigorously nine times, and seal the cap with red wax.

Place the bottle in a cupboard where it won’t be seen, and it will protect your kitchen from food poisoning and other culinary disasters.

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