Journal: On Love


Each time anyone comes into contact with us,
they must become different and better people
because of having met us.
We must radiate God’s love.
We must know that we have been created for greater things,
not just to be a number in the world,
not just to go for diplomas and degrees,
this work and that work.
We have been created in order to love and to be loved.
Love does not measure. . . it just gives.
Mother Teresa
This is a beautiful quote. It says so much about what to strive for as we bump along our journey. So many people strive for success, be it financial or other, when in reality, all we need to do is just love. Plain and simple. Spirit is composed of energy and energy is supported by love. Whether you believe in God, Goddess, Higher Power…whatever name for it. That energy and pure spirit is just love and a piece of it resides in each of us.
If something isn’t working…if the love just isn’t happening and it is causing great sorrow or pain, then move away from it because it is counterproductive to what you need to do. You should not live thru great sadness or suffering just because you think that the pain brings you to greater insight. It doesn’t. We are not meant to feel emotional pain all the time. We are meant to revel in the joy and love that is given to us in such abundance. We do not need to self-flaggellate in order to find God or to find spiritual strength and being. We do not need to stay in a place that hurts us or others because of the what if or the maybe….Life is to be lived and life is to love. That’s it. This is not to say that we walk away from others that need us because we are unhappy and put ourselves first. But that we open our hearts and allow love—shiney and clear and bright as the sun–to flow. It is there. Remember that when you speak a heated word, or withhold a kind one. You need to be one with the energy that is within us all and that energy is first and foremost love. Its the kind word, the unsolicited compliment, the willingness to learn and grow, the ability to see beyond the physical into the realm of what makes each and every one of us unique yet completely the same. Find within you the understanding that we are all bouncing along the same frequency, it’s a matter of tuning in to see the similarities in each other. We all want to find happiness. We all want to cherish and be cherished. We all desire the closeness and companionship found in a great friendship or a great romance. Don’t deny it to yourself or others. Live and love in the moment. That stranger that you smile at might just become your best friend. That person on the corner holding the will work for food sign might be your father or brother. That person who is crying at night when no one is looking might be you someday. Love yourself, love your neighbor. Love your life. THat is the simple prescription. Be kind to things smaller than yourself. Don’t be afraid to let go of pain, because it is simply not part of the equation.


Words to live by

Richard Bach is a prophet. These are his words:

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof.

Can miles truly separate you from friends… If you want to be with someone you love, aren’t you already there?

Don’t be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.

The opposite of loneliness, it’s not togetherness. It is intimacy

We’re the bridge across forever, arching above the sea, adventuring for our pleasure, living mysteries for the fun of it, choosing disasters triumphs challenges impossible odds, testing ourselves over and again, learning love and love and LOVE!

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The heat of promise

I sat outside tonight, long after the sun was abed.
Air humid and heavy
Pregnant with the promise of rain.
Mother Moon far above my head, growing fat in her fecundicy.
The pavement still warm from Father Sun’s bright, daytime glare.
Somewhere in the dark, teenagers played.
Giddy girl laughter,
the hesitant response of the boys.
I smiled in the darkness, remembering.
Summer nights like these,
they boil the blood, raise the pulse.
Yes, I remember my own wildness.
Moving from maiden to mother,
and heading on the slope towards crone now;
I am still stirred by the summer moonlight
the magic of the night
that carries in it always
the heat of promise.

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Like a Flower in the Mud

So tonight I get home from work and I notice that not only is moon full and dark orange, my flowers have started to emerge from the cold earth. I have not cleaned all the dead leaves out of the garden yet because I like to use them to keep the bulbs protected until the frost is over for good. So I have a bunch of bulbs coming up and I noticed one in particular. It is growing tall and green, and I can just see the tip where the flower will emerge. And I saw that this particular flower had pushed up from the ground and right thru a couple of the leaves, effectively spearing them on its journey to awakening. Not letting the mud and the dead brown leaves stop its travel to the light and the warmth.
And I thought, hey, that’s how I feel.

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imperfect beauty

Today I woke up early and the sun was shining.
Daffodils standing at attention in the
neat rows that I planted last fall.
Another winter behind
another spring upon us.
I sat on the front step and I drank my coffee,
Listening to the birds singing to each other
Watching the school buses up and down the street.
Even the garbage truck couldn’t ruin the mood.
The sun was warm on my face and my head.
The air was fresh with the clean scent of cut grass.
Sometimes in moments like this
I get sad for what I’ve lost, or
What I don’t, didn’t, or never will have.
Today though, I feel good.
I have the sunlight and I have my coffee.
I have my family and my friends and
Even if not everything is perfect
its okay.
In the older days, the Quakers would always leave
something small left not quite right on each project.
Maybe a dropped stitch in a sampler or
A slight mar in a piece of furniture.
It was a way of remembering that we are not perfect, but
we can still be
Maybe today
I have just a little of that imperfect beauty in me.

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Great Goddess above Great Mother of all beings
Look down on me this day
Bless me with your love
Bless me with wisdom to know right from wrong
Great Mother of the world, Queen of Heaven
Place your love upon me
that in turn I may love those around me
Free and unconditionally
Mother of the Moon
Grant me understanding
That I may understand others
Grant me courage
That I may face my fears
and help others face theirs
Great Mother, Queen, Goddess
Grant me love and compassion
The ability to forgive
The ability to love with purity
Great God in Heaven, Leader of Hearts and Creator of all
Bless me with your strength
That I may be strong for others.
Gift me the knowledge of right from wrong
And bless me with the abundance
Of your love and understanding.
Great God
I ask that you support me in times of sorrow
And provide me the peace to survive
and the love to grow
and the knowledge to express
Your peace and love to others
King and Queen of Heaven
You are one and the same
Halves of the same whole.
Grant me Your love
Bless me with Your grace
That I may help others
who walk this path beside me.

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Lord and Lady

Lay me in soft grass and cover me with kisses
I’ll be your goddess if you’ll be my god.
Firelight glistens over the softness of skin
and fairies laugh in delicate glee as we
meet with the power of immortals.
Talk to me of inner dreams and secrets
stories for the moon to capture and
hang between the stars
A web of sacred thoughts and prayers
blessed and consecrated by our midnight joining.
Take my hand, let’s jump the flames
Desire tempered with longing and
moonlight in your eyes.
Lay with me in the grass my Lord
and let me be your Lady.

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the energy builds between my hands and I can’t keep them together any more
chakras spinning
head whirling
I imagine a great ball of light floating
just above my now-opened palms
I inhale the strength of my Mother
and I exhale with the power of my Father
and all the time
the subtle eyes are watching me with what I hope is
My tiger paces behind me,
my crow upon my shoulder,
Goddess of Compassion before me and
Master behind me.
With a wisp of a breath I blow across my palms
may the energy go where it will
and where its most needed.
I shiver feeling electricity through me
healing me as it enters and leaves
I am truly blessed to be this conduit

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Goddess blessings

The cone of energy rises around me
Goddess bless this place I’m at
Angels in the four corners,
elements watching silently, like pillars.
I feel it rising within me, my hair
standing on end as if lit by lightning
My eyes, turned inwards to watch the
transformation of self
to self-less.
Incense burns brightly and
candles flicker with power
I breathe in the scent of lavender and hyssop
Elder and rowan are mine now
I cast my circle, say the words
drawing down the moon is almost sexual in its thrall.
Is she not that which is found
at the end of desire?
Goddess blessings to each of us
Goddess courage to watch over us in times of trial
Goddess brightness to light our way in times of darkness
And Goddess arms to shelter us in storm.
Slowly slowly the power recedes
my heart still running trip-hammer
I breathe slow
again and
She has left for now this exact place
but She remains around and in me

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astral adventure

buzzing floating, the ether around me
like a thin veil over my eyes.
I think and I am there and I
see you sleeping.
Black shirt, sheet around your waist.
Left arm up on your forehead in slumber.
And I am closer when I think it and I am
hovering over you and if I could breathe in my spirit state
I would blow you a kiss.
And before I know it I am home again,
falling with a jolt that shakes the bed.

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