My boys

I alluded to my boys recently and figured its time to explain them.
They are nameless but give me names to help me tell them apart. Josh and Alex, to be exact.
They are two spirit guides that have been with me for so long I am not sure when they WEREN’T there. They played with me a child and have always just been around me in some shape or form. I was pretty clueless for a long time though. Once the imaginary friends get packed away its hard to remember that they were there at all. I would dream of nameless/faceless people now and then. I know now that was them.

Several years ago, when I started to work seriously on my psychic and spiritual development, my boys came back to me in a way that I can actually feel and interact with them. First it was only Alex that I could manage to interact with, but there was a feeling that there was another with him, I just couldn’t get a good connection. I also had my primary guide with me, who comes to me as female and has no name. I have in fact often wondered if she is my guardian angel because she was also my guide thru my past life regressions.

Around the time I noticed Alex, I went to a psychic fair and managed to get myself a reading with one of our local top psychics. She told me, without me prompting, that there were two male energies around me and a woman as well. That was my verification.

Lately, since I have been open to them, the two have been hanging out with me now and again and I can sometimes feel their presence. I feel them standing just behind my left shoulder. (My female guide is often behind my right shoulder). They laugh a lot and that is part of their message. I often can tell when they are close by because I get an odd kind of warm chill–very hard to explain! The best way that I can get their messages is to use automatic writing, and I find some very interesting messages that way!

These guys are not angels. They are spirits that for whatever reason I have contracted with to be together this way. They are there to help me get thru this jungle of life.

So that is the explanation of the references to my boys. I think that we three have been together in many past lives in different situations and in fact, they tell me that I can access more past connections thru them. That is the next phase of my journey I suppose.
If you have read this far, you are likely wondering how to meet your own spirit guide. There are different ways; what worked best for me was meditation. I also found that getting together with a few other like-minded friends could build enough energy that it was easy to connect. Also, you can ask for dreams and start writing them down. Look for connections that way.
I will look around and post some general means in an upcoming post. Just remember that you are a child of God/Goddess and that you must put your white light around you. Keeps the baser trickster spirits away..
Psychic ability runs in my family, so its possible that I had an easier time meeting my boys than others. I don’t know for sure about that because I am the only one of my generation (that I know of) who actually has some ability. My daughter holds the ability, but is not ready to explore it. Her imaginary friends were very interesting and in fact, she had a negative spirit attach to her….(yep one of those baser spirits) it was interesting getting thru that phase…
I guess that’s a subject for a future post!

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