Spell: Good Luck Gambling

Take a pinch of each of these:

Nutmeg, sage, cinnamon, one clove, sea salt, basil.

Add one bay leaf.

Wrap securely in a small packet (I used saran wrap).

Put this packet into a small pouch. Add other money-drawing or lucky symbols.

I put in a plastic dollar sign, a herkimer diamond, some adventurine, and two sea shells.

Smudge with sandalwood incense and seal with a pentagram. Ask that you win if it harms no one and DON’T BE GREEDY.
Wear amulet within your aura when you go to the casino.


1. ME: I had the amulet in my bra. I won about $500. My biggest single win was $300 on a penny slot machine, with a $20 investment.

2. MY SISTER: Kept her amulet in her purse by her side. She also won on the penny slots, but only $130.

3.  THE CONTROLS: Our men did not have amulets. They did not win anything.

If you choose to make this amulet, please post your results here!

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Spell: Moneydrawing (home-made)

This is my first home-made spell.

Green stones (adventurine, green crystal etc),

Clove oil

fresh lavender

small pouch

money of your choice.

Gather ingredients. Put four drops of clove oil on stones, mix well. Add several pinches of fresh lavender, being sure to thank the plant when you remove the buds/leaves. Mix well (it did get sticky, I ended up wiping the stones off a bit). Put into small pouch along with your choice of currency (I put a $20 in) Tie pouch three times. Recite over pouch:

“Prosperity come to me, by powers of truth and purity. By God and Goddess, blessed be; an’ it harm none, so mote it be.”


I stuck the pouch in my pocket and went to the casino. I made one for my husband too. He took it skeptically but took it none the less. I went into the casino believing I’d already won. (Its HARD to do that). I won a total of about $100. My husband didn’t really win much.

Did It work? I’d like to think so.

I put in the part about ‘truth and purity’ because I wanted only to draw positive energies towards me to help me achieve the goal. Maybe that tripped me up…maybe money will come some other way.

My first spell, in any case.

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