Spell: Dream Magic Communication

Dream Magick
By Silver RavenWolf

Do you ever want to get an important message through to someone, but you just don’t know how to do it?

Here is what you do:

1. Determine precisely what it is you want them to hear, or perhaps feel. Write down your wish on a piece of paper in simple sentence form.

2. Make a dream pillow using a small square of fabric and a little batting. Throw in a pinch of lavender and rosemary. Put in the piece of paper last, then sew up the end.

3. Put the dream pillow on your altar. Do an altar devotion to center yourself, then create sacred space. Cast a circle and call the quarters if you like, but is isn’t necessary.

4. Center yourself, then hold your hands over the dream pillow and say the following:
Holy Mother, Goddess Divine,
I stand before your sacred shrine.
This person won’t listen or hear
My words tickle at deafened ear.
Holy Mother, Goddess Divine,
Send a dream, awaken the mind.
Through his/her vision he/she might live
The nightmare/passion/lesson he/she so freely give.
Holy Mother, Goddess Divine
Send them your enchanted design
Clear out the cobwebs, tear down walls
Carry my message through spirit calls.

Feel free to change the incantation to suit your purpose.

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Journal: Dream of endless love

Last night’s dream included a young man, kind of stubbled beard, dark black hair, singing an acoustic song which of course I knew the lyrics to in my sleep but not so much anymore. The part he said over and over, however was ‘Endless love will save you”. I woke up hearing it.

What is endless love?

Isn’t all love endless?

There are people I love and people I LOVE. There are many degrees of it but I don’t think I ever stopped loving anyone I truly loved–no matter what type of love it happens to be.

Love can change…from romantic to friendship, or the other way for that matter as well. It can go from maternal to friendly, or encompass both. It can be a small jelly bean in the candybowl of life or it can be the grain of sand that made the glass bowl that holds the jellybeans.

All things change.

But does love ever go away? Does it ever end?

Goddess/God love us. We are given life, bounty, shelter and the beauty of the experience. Goddess/God are eternal…endless.

Is not their love endless as well? Can you put boundaries and limitations on something that is part of the Eternal AM?

Is it conceited to assume that the love we feel, as chips from the great Light, is as eternal and enless as Theirs? Or is it perhaps sacreligious to assume that our love can be so limitless?
But are we not challenged to aspire to become Godlike–to nurture the wise and loving traits that are gifted to us from God/Goddess? And if so, then to put limits on the love we feel for others is sacreligious as well.

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Journal: dream of a dead friend

Last night I dreamed of a friend that died while I was still in high school. I was my age I am now and he was young in the dream…he was about 20 when he died, I was probably 17. I was slow dancing with him in a reality where he was still alive but I knew he would die. I asked him if he loved his life and he said yes. I asked him if he had any inkling of his future and he said “I think I know what you are leading up to and I know it.” I told him he was a fine young man, and that when I was teen, I had a crush on him (true). He smiled and kissed me and said “Just because God gives you one person to love and stay with, it doesn’t mean that you can’t love more than that one person.”
I hugged him and the dream ended.

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Journal: Swan Dream

I had a lovely vignette of a dream wherein I was floating on my back in a lovely lake. I was both myself and a watcher from above. I was relaxed and peaceful in the calm water. There were reeds and cat-tails around the banks, the sun was out. There was a swan swimming along next to me as I drifted in the gentle wake. I had a sister there, although not my sister in real life. We were meditating. I remember thinking that I had to hear the sounds and concentrate on them. I saw them as symbols, floating around me. Of course the symbols are nothing I could reproduce but there they were.

I woke up wondering if they were the reiki symbols, and I was being reminded to get on back to my reiki meditation. Or perhaps the swan/sister connection means something as well. I will have to look up the meaning of swan and I’ll post in another post. The water was so calm and relaxing.

That dream was so necessary after a very very busy weekend and long hours at work. I feel regenerated a bit from it.

Blessed dreams to all!

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Journal: Dreams

I had a very strange run of dreams lately.
The dreams of tornados and rainstorms came a few days before the hurricaine hit Florida.
I have had dreams like that before. I dreamed of an airplane crash a couple days before one happened. These types of prementory dreams I can deal with because I can’t control the outcomes. I could no more have stopped the storms in Florida than I could have guessed where the plane would go down. (In my town, fyi.).
But the dreams of the past couple days have had me wondering if something is going on.
I posted over at The D Spot about my strange run of people with the same name. The fact that I was dreaming of one, when another one of them came into the dream, announced they were taking it over, and then proceeded to take over…well that was just weird.
Today I dreamed again of the two of them, and then the dream abruptly switched.

I dreamed my husband’s funeral.
This bothers me on many levels.
First and foremost, I do not have any wish for him to die. God knows, he’s fought his cancer for 6 years and been relatively healthy throughout. Reality is that he has already been out of remission once, and the second one is not usually is durable. Reality also is, however, that there are new drugs approved and even more on the horizon AND we have bone marrow on ice, ready if he needs a transplant.
So why did I have such a vivid and disturbing dream?
I saw the doctor tell us that palliative care was our only option. I saw myself feed him ice cream in a hospital room.
I saw the church, I saw the mourners, I heard the eulogy (by his friend T). I saw what I was wearing, I saw myself packing away his clothes. I felt so bad I woke up crying.
I hope this is not a premonition dream.
It was very realistic though, and that scares me a lot.
We were not much older than we are right now.
I woke up because he came into the room. I wiped my eyes quickly, and I don’t think he noticed I woke up crying.
He went to play softball and I am free now to explore the dream and the feelings.
Dream interpretations usually say a dream of death is just a dream of change, much like the death card in the tarot deck. I agree, when in the dream you have knowledge that someone has died. This was different in that I saw the whole thing unfold. Maybe I can’t be objective here, but it didn’t feel like a reference to change.
It felt like a premonition.

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Just a weird dream

This is probably just a garden variety dream..but it was weird so I am posting it here.
I was at church, and it was the first sunday of the month, meaning communion day. I remember that I felt weird being there alone without my family.
It seemed like everyone around me, including the pastor, had a cold. They were all snuffling and sneezing. The woman next to me in the pew had a swollen knee. She wanted me to treat it.
When it was time for communion, I went up to the front. The pastor was handing out large chunks of warm bread that was dipped in some kind of soup. Tasted good, and it was because everyone was sick.
After communion, it was time to pass the offering plate. Instead of collecting money, they handed out pink rice crispy treats.
Oh my goodness that was one weird dream.

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dreaming in tarot cards

I had quite an interesting dream the other night, and after some reflection, I found the meaning in it.
I dreamed that my son, my husband, and my husband’s friend were all in a band. They all wore black. My son was playing drums, my husband was playing bass and my husband’s friend (T) was singing and playing guitar (which he does in real life).
Anyway, in this dream I was trying to sleep and upset that they were playing so loud in the living room.
So in the dream, I went to sleep and began to dream.
In this dream-within-a-dream, the guys were there, but we were outside in a Camelot-like place. There was a castle, the grass was simply verdant and lush and the sky was a bright blue. It was sunny but not hot. It was PERFECT.
There were people all around, wearing long robes of all different colors and they were singing. I was watching, very passive in this dream.
My husband’s friend was wearing a crown of roses.
My son was still all in black.
My husband was there but I just barely noticed him.
Another family member was walking around.
And the singing was led by Martin Short, of all people.
So at first I thought I just shouldn’t eat MnM’s before bed. But it struck me later…these characters, they are representative of tarot cards. There could be a meaning here.
The masses in the robes, they are the tarot cards that are not pulled.
Martin Short–that’s easy, he is the Fool.
My husband’s friend with the crown of roses–he is death.
My son all in black–I thought he was death too. But it feels more like the Tower on meditation.
The fact I didn’t notice my husband…he is not a part of this reading then. Its for me alone.
The family member walking around…I feel that is Wheel of fortune because he was completely unencumbered in this dream, and in real life, there are some issues.
Wheel of Fortune.
Its no lie that I’ve been asking my guides for messages, meanings, and to help iron out some wrinkles in my mind and heart.
The message as I see it:
Pay attention, look and watch where things are going. Big changes ahead if you are not careful they will take you by surprise. Cleansing, losing of some, gaining of others. Element of danger and loss but its all meant to be, fated, destined whatever.
Not the most positive of readings but my boys don’t lie.
Stay tuned, I guess.

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