Herbs and their uses

Acacia Attract money, inspire love, ward off evil
Adder´s tongue Herb of healing
African Violet Protection herb and promotes spirituality in the home
Agrimony Protection against all evil
Ague root Used for uncrossing
Anise Seeds are burned as a meditation incense
Balm of Gilead Healing and protection
Basil Protects against evil, attracts luck, love and money. Used in exorcism and purification rites
Bay Power to heal, protect and strengthen. Used for attracting money and love
Bergamot Peace, happiness and restful sleep
Black berry Attracts money and protection
Black Pepper Mental alertness, physical energy, protection and courage
Boneset Protection. Used in exorcism
Cardamon Attracts love
Catnip Attracts love, happiness and healing
Cedar Spirituality and control
Celery seeds Restful sleep, peace, psychic awareness
Chamomile Meditation, peace and sleep
Cinnamon Attract love, money and sexual desires
Cinquefoil Increase wealth, love and power and great for uncrossing
Clover Good luck and money
Clove Courage, attrction and protection
Cypress Healing
Dandelion Love, clairvoyant abilities, makes wishes come true
Deers tongue Stops gossip
Dill Protection, uncrossing, love
Eucalyptus Purification, health and healing
Fern Protection and good luck
Frankincense Meditation, spirituality and protection
Garlic Protection, purification, physical energy
Ginseng Attracts love
Ginger Sex, love, money and courage
Goldenrod Helps locate buried treasures, attracts love and money
Honeysuckle Prosperity and love
Hops Money drawing, restful sleep, selling of property
Hyssop Uncrossing
Jasmine Attracts love and money
Juniper Powerful protection herb
Lavender Love, healing, peace and purification
Lemon Purification, money and peace
Lilac Love and purification
Marigold Protection, attain sucess in all legal matters, draws money
Magnolia Love
Meadowswet Love
Marjoram Peace
Mint Healing, money attracting, protection, increases sexual desires
Moss Money drawing
Mullein Love, exorcism
Myrrh Purification, healing, protection and exorcism
Nutmeg Money drawing, gambling, psychic energy
Oak Healing
Orange Love, joy and abundance
Patchouli Love, sex and money
Peppermint Love, money and uncrossing
Pine Healing, money drawing and protection
Rose Love
Rosemary Protection, exorcism and love
Sage Protection, wisdom and money
Sandalwood Exorcism, promotes spiritual awareness and makes wishes come true
Spearmint Healing and protection
Thyme Love, promotes courage, protection, uncrossing
Vanilla Love, sex, improves mental powers
Violet Love, healing and protection

 I received this in an email. Enjoy! (If you are the original author, tell me and I will give you credit!)

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the energy builds between my hands and I can’t keep them together any more
chakras spinning
head whirling
I imagine a great ball of light floating
just above my now-opened palms
I inhale the strength of my Mother
and I exhale with the power of my Father
and all the time
the subtle eyes are watching me with what I hope is
My tiger paces behind me,
my crow upon my shoulder,
Goddess of Compassion before me and
Master behind me.
With a wisp of a breath I blow across my palms
may the energy go where it will
and where its most needed.
I shiver feeling electricity through me
healing me as it enters and leaves
I am truly blessed to be this conduit

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Reiki…ethics, uses, experiences

Being a nurse, I have ample opportunity to touch people who are in desperate need of healing. The question often arises of ethics–is it ethical to use energy healing on a person who may, for religious or other reasons, prefer not to use it. And is it ethical to use it without telling?

The scope of Nursing practice as defined in the Nurse Practice Act does not include any type of metaphysical healing. The Holistic Nurse’s Association does accept energy healing as a complementary modality, but again, it is not within the standards of practice.

So how do I get around all that legal stuff and actually DO what I am required by my guides, goddess, and higher self?

Well, I figured it this way: I ask my guides/higher self to turn on the reiki whenever and whereever it will do most good. And I asked that it flow if it is accepted by the other person’s higher self. That way, its all on a spiritual level. What happens is that sometimes my hands get warm and I feel the energy flow, and other times they won’t get warm even if I concentrate and try it. So that is my verification. I am just the channel after all, and blessed and grateful to be so. The energy goes where it will, without my input or judgement. Its not mine to give anyway, its Universal and belongs to one and all. And it goes where its most needed. Which means a person who is vomiting but also has emotional issues may get the emotions dealt with and keep vomiting because the emotions are more in need of healing. Or not. Its not my call.

Occasionally a patient will say something like “Wow, your hands are hot!” and I will offer to move them or put on gloves or something. Usually I just say “Yeah, they get that way sometimes” Every patient says “no, it feels so good!” Often times they will open up to me, or share fears/feelings, and there will be a deeper connection and a better ability for me to help them in some way.

I use reiki other ways as well. It tend to be rather purging when there is an actual physical ailment being helped. Example is a worsening of a cold, because the reiki helps clear the toxins and the symptoms are really those of the body fighting the virus. It especially does that with stomach issues. You get a ‘cleansing effect’ which makes you feel better in the long run, but maybe a bit worse in the short term.

I reiki my garden all the time when I am working in it. Since I started doing that, I have noticed an increase in the blooms on my plants, and the foliage is healthier. I reiki’d my neighbor’s garden a few times as well, and she told me that she has seen more health in her plants since then. I reiki’d the tulip bulbs I planted last fall and got some stunning blooms this year!

My friend’s baby was crying inconsolably. I reiki’d her and she stopped crying and became very relaxed and peaceful. Thinking a coincidence, I did this more than once, and each time the same result was achieved.

I reiki’d my gold fish when they were not doing well and they got better. The same with my dogs/cats. When one of my beloved cats was dying, I used reiki all the time to ease his symptoms and help him feel better. I knew that the only cure for him was to go on to the great beyond, so I knew that I would not heal him. But I did help him feel better.

My husband’s cancer remission is definitely due to the drugs he takes but I think there is a lot of influence of reiki on him as well.

And on that note, it must be stated that reiki or any type of energy healing must NEVER replace conventional medical treatment. It is complementary but we are gifted with the talented doctors and researchers who bring us our cures and medications…we are meant to use conventional medication as well as alternative routes.

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My Reiki attunements

I have been a level III Reiki Master for 4 years now. Although I don’t formally teach or attune others at this point, someday I will. My first attunement will be that of my daughter, who at 14 is still too young to take the responsibility. She resonates with the energy though and I think she has the same inborn psychic talent that I have and my grandmother had before me.

Anyway, my attunements were done by distance, which is completely valid because energy is not affected by time or space. It simply is. They were all done my good friend who is a Reiki Master/Teacher. Between the first and second attunements, I made the decision to enter nursing school.

During my first attunement, I was given the vision of eyes. I was floating somewhere in space, and the eyes were looking at me. I was being asked if I would take the responsibility of being a Healer for life. I felt I was being judged and deemed worthy. Then the weirdest thing happened. A little man climbed a ladder up my face and nailed the first reiki symbol onto my forehead!

After the attunement, I was sleepy/giddy. I went thru the 21 day cleansing period, with mood swings, nausea, lack of appetite and mood swings. After the 3 weeks though, or a little before that time was up, I began to feel more balanced. I defintely knew that I’d been given great responsibility for healing, and that I’d committed to it for life.

My reiki II attunement was approximately a year after. That one was much more intense in terms of the visuals. I had gotten images all day before the attunement of doors opening and had a huge compulsion to hang my amethest pendant across my forehead where my third eye is. (the same place the first symbol was nailed to my forehead!) During the attunement, I was told by a goddess that it was the reawakening of my 7th self, and the color purple was very prominent. I was given a glowing ball by my guides which I then offered to the goddess who then said “You will hold many, you will heal many” and a finger tapped my amethyst stone into my forehead (again, the chakra.)  I was reminded of my past life as a pre-christian priestess of the goddess, and of the blue moon/star I wore on my forehead at that time. I felt the desire to draw more energy, and almost did, but out of respect for the Lady I did not.

After the attunement, my friend told me that he nearly gave me the level III symbols but stopped. He said he felt me ready and that I was almost pulling it from him. This was before I’d told him about my experience. The time period after the level two attunement was one of joy. I was able to direct the energy much better and focused more on others, of giving and sending reiki via distance.

It was only a short few months later that I recieved my level III attunement. This one as well, included many visions. I was reminded again of my responsibility as an attuned healer, and I took that responsibility to heart. I was given my spirit animals (tiger and crow) and I was given an image of the goddess Kuan Yin, who conferred to me my level III symbols in flashes of white light.

After the attunement, I asked my friend what visuals he used. He told me that he used white lights and that his patron goddess was Kuan Yin. Again, before I’d told him anything of my experience he told me this.

The best and most fun parts of the time periods after the attunements are when the chakras start activating in my hands. I enjoyed the random times that the heat would resonate, and I enjoyed touching people and showing them the heat. There was a sense of spinning in my hand chakras very often, and when I laid my hands on my daughter she would sense it and tell me my hands were vibrating. Over time, I began to be able to control it, and now my hands get hot only when I tell them too. My chakras continue to spin.

That is the tale of my attunement. I welcome you to share your story.

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